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From the makers of award-winning Reading Gladiators™, Ha Ha Boing book club is designed to engage and inspire those who have lost or have yet to find their passion for reading.

  • A year subscription includes 32 fantastic books

  • Deliverable during school hours, in one 45 minute session a week

  • Includes a detailed support guide with session plans and activities.

  • Designed for flexible use with groups of 6 - 8.


I am thrilled to be patron of the Ha Ha Boing club. As an author of over thirty books for children of all ages I consider humour a vital ingredient of every book I write. Ask any class what they want from a book and it won’t be long before someone mentions humour. Funny books have a magnetic quality for children and yet their educational value is often overlooked so it is great to have something like this that will introduce a diverse range of funny books guaranteed to have even the hardest to reach readers and their teachers rolling in the aisles.

Gareth P Jones

Why it’s important

Enticing children who are not yet hooked into the joys of reading can be a challenge. Reading for Pleasure impacts on children’s reading attainment and on their academic achievements more widely. As children move into the junior years, there is often a drop-off in reading at home, which may open up a gap for some children. Others might need an extra injection of enthusiasm and some thoughtful nurturing to help them overcome the hurdle. It is vital to provide a safety net to catch them at this crucial stage. Ha Ha Boing has a high interest, no-pressure approach.

What do you get?

Humour is a strong feature of the book collection, as surveys into children’s reading interests repeatedly show this to be a favoured genre. However, we all find different things funny, so our collection appeals to readers with different interests and tastes while retaining the funny element.

Funny Fiction

Children’s reading surveys often reveal that humour is preferred reading material for children in the 6 – 8 years age group. Ha Ha Boing promotes books that appeal to children at the same time extending their knowledge of books that may already be familiar to them. The club seeks to start from their interests and foster the desire to seek out new titles, which they can recommend to their classmates.

Poetry & Jokes

The books children will encounter are short, high impact reads. Text is broken up by high quality illustrations and every title is achievable to complete. The emphasis of Ha Ha Boing club is fun and engagement. Children will take part in read aloud activities such as readers’ theatre, poetry slam, joke telling, games and art based activities.

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High Interest Books

Children who take part in Ha Ha Boing will enjoy reading high interest fiction and nonfiction books, which will enhance their enjoyment and lead them to self-select even more great books.